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Cover of book Hoa H?ng X? Khac by Nguy?n Nh?t Anh

Toi m?c chi?c qu?n via c?a Ba, day n?t c?a Hoa, x? doi giay m?i mua c?a Ng?. Th?ng Ngh? thi dua cho toi mu?n chi?c d?ng h? Seiko va chi?c Honda c?a no. Noi tom l?i, ngay toi d?n v?i m?i tinh d?u, ch? co chi?c ao so mi la c?a chinh toi, n?u khong k? trai tim dang danh lo to trong ng?c. V?y do, toi di.(Trich Hoa H?ng X? Khac)

Total words: 242
Unique words: 465

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